Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Buker Bulletin: 9/5/19

Elementary Directory: Don't miss out!  The Friends of Buker, Cutler and Winthrop issue a school directory each year.  
If you would like to be included please complete this brief form.  
The deadline for this is September 9th.  Inclusion is optional.

Each year, every class at Buker relies on Room Parents to assist the teacher with a variety of tasks throughout the school year.  It is also a great way of getting involved with your child’s school year experience.  

Some of the Room Parents’ duties include:

1.     Compiling a list of the parent names, phone numbers and email addresses for the class to be used as a contact list for teacher requests.
2.     Communicate special classroom events. 
3.     Coordinating teacher gifts at holidays and /or at the end of the school year.
4.     Recruiting volunteers for the various projects and/or field trips during the year.
5.     Fulfilling a variety of requests from your teacher.
6.     Serving as Friends of Buker liaison for your classroom.
7.   Coordinating sign up genius’s for teachers when asked throughout the year.

As the school year begins there are many events to plan for and we need Room Parents in place as soon as possible.  Please consider helping your child’s classroom teacher this school year and volunteer to be a Room Parent.

If you are interested in being a Room Parent for this school year, please email Donna Heimlich at  Or call / text 781-956-4793.
THANK YOU for your interest and SUPPORT!!

- Donna 

Donna Ray Heimlich 
Room Parent Coordinator
Curriculum Night / Ice Cream Social
Monday, September 16th
5p-6p (classroom drop in)
6p-7p (ice cream, complements of Friends of Buker)
Pizza will be available for purchase. (5th Grade Fundraiser)