Monday, March 12, 2018

Box Top Update!

Here are the box top totals from November through February.
  • McMahon 153
  • Twiss 5
  • Gray 129
  • Blanchard 48
  • Oliveira 104
  • O’Shea 253
  • Orlando 652
  • Bernardo 315
  • Aikins 240
  • Gambino 204
  • Geraghty 356
  • Reed 325

*Please check expiration dates!
*Do not put more that 25 on one sheet.  There are more box top forms at the front office. 

*If you send box tops in a bag and you would like your class to get credit please write the teachers name on the bag in a marker/pen that does not erase off. 

*There are unclaimed bags in the box at the front office.  If they are yours come claim them! :)


Check your pantries. Ask relatives and friends to save box tops for you. 
These totals are for the past 4 months.  There is still plenty of time to catch up and win a class pizza party.